[Breaking news] China has officially launched 6G called "complete Fiction"

DreamwrldApr 8, 2020

While there had been so much noise about 5G, concerns and worries about the impact of the network on human body and the earth ecosystem as a whole, Chinese has already embarked on 6G.

The announcement arrived from the Chinese company’s headquarters in South China with its head of Communications Research Institue, Qin Fei, stating that “Although the commercial use of 5G has just started, Vivo has already rolled out layouts for 6G, exploring the next-generation technology ahead of time.” In other words, Vivo is already working on future proofing and laying the foundation for the next generation in telecommunication.

Vivo is currently one of the largest and most popular smartphone brands in the world. From the data provided by Vivo, the company has reached about 300 million users of its network, which is projected to grow further. Thus, the forward thinking step from the smartphone giant will only help it in the coming years, especially the second half of the decade.

Although the actual potential of 6G Technology is still unknown, it will be in the news soon. Even LG, for example, has already started its own experiments in this sector. Yang Chaobin, President of Huawei’s 5G product line, said that although some people are talking about 6G, the arrival of the next-gen network will happen not earlier than 2030. Therefore, from now until 2030, it is the era of 5G.

Two organisations will be set up to drive 6G R&D in China. The 6G R&D Working Group will be composed of government representatives from different departments, and will be responsible for overall promotion and implementation of R&D in 6G. The Experts Group will include 37 scientists and technology experts from academia, research institutes, and businesses, and will be responsible for setting 6G R&D agenda and conducting technology evaluation, as well as advising on important government policies.
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5G refers to next-generation mobile networks that offer super-fast data speeds that promise to support technologies like driverless cars and virtual reality. China turned on its 5G networks earlier this month ahead of an initial 2020 schedule.To be clear, 5G is still in its infancy with most people around the world are still on 4G networks.While there is a lot of hype around 5G, it is still unclear what kind of impact 5G might have on industries and consumer beyond fast download speeds in reality.

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