hello there, have u ever wondered why your  laptop chargers are so big? you ask yourself what’s it for anyways? what else do I not know about laptops? one of the first laptop was the Osborne 1 built in 1981, it was heavier than a bowling ball, and its tiny black and white screen was no bigger than a playing card.

 It also didn’t have a battery , so it needed to be plugged in, it sounds like anything but a laptop, but the  grand pappy of your sleek machine is called portable simply because u can carry it In a case.

At the end of the decade we got the ZDS Super sport , it was a big step towards portable computers, this laptop had a built in battery, which could keep your  device running for about three hours and had a massive adaptor to recharge the battery. Let’s past through time, laptops became thinner and lighter yet those adaptors stayed bulky. It’s because today’s portable computers requires a certain types of power DC meaning Direct Current, the stuff coming out of ur power outlet is called AC meaning Alternating current, Basically that Big Bulky adaptors of yours converts AC to DC and lowers the voltage to safely juice up your laptop’s battery.

The Adaptor has so many different components  inside so unfortunately, it can be shrunken down into a tiny match box at least for now. Well then, why does the box(adaptor) get hot if its making sure too much power doesn’t flow into the battery? Well that’s exactly why if it’s working some of the energy from inside is lost in the form of heat, so next time your laptop charger get’s warm or hot don’t worry its just physics, if it’s get too hot though you might want to take it to a PRO.

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