4 Common Mistakes people make at their interviews

 Written by Omoniyi Adedeji;


You have to work at being a good interviewee. And practice really does make perfect. Study up on the job you are applying for, research all of the questions you think the hiring manager might ask you, and then practice like there' s no tomorrow— or no job tomorrow.

However, even with all the practice in the world, it' s hard to know the right things to say and the very, oh so bad, wrong things. Especially when you' re anxious, you can find yourself over- speaking and saying things you wish you could take back.

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So, think before you speak and make sure to never say these things if you' re looking to get hired.


1. Talk about Politics

You know you' ve heard the no politics and religion talk for a first date. Well, this also applies to a job interview. You have no idea where your interviewer stands on these topics, so don' t even go there. If you don' t have anything nice to say (about politics or religion), then don' t say anything at all.

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2. Statements that Make You Look Desperate


Even if you want this job so very badly, and you' ll do anything in the world to get it— you don' t want to come across as desperate. By making certain comments like, " I' ve been searching for a job forever and I need to get this one" or, " I don' t know what I' ll do if I don' t get this job, " you don' t appear confident anymore. The less said, the more confident you' ll appear. You want to sound like you' re eager for the position, but not eager enough you' ll sell your soul for it.

3. " No, I don' t have any questions"

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When that time come around and the interviewer asks, " Do you have any questions for me? " the worst thing you can do is say, " No. " Come with a prepared list of a couple questions. This will make you seem interested in the position and the company, as well as it will show initiative. Silence here is the deadliest offender.


4. Too Many Questions About Salary


I get it; you want to make those dollar dollar bills. And, you don' t want to be wasting your time. However, money is an uncomfortable topic and a fine line to walk. You need to be straightforward about what you' re looking for, but at the same time, not looking too focused on the salary instead of the position. Make sure you discuss what they are offering, but don' t go on and on about the salary.

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