Viral heartbreaking video See What these men were caught doing

Written by Omoniyi Adedeji

The viral heartbreaking video going around Nigeria now and causing stirs online is here.

The video captions a woman in a car driving as she notices a man, our sources proves he is an Hausa man, He was soaking oranges in the gutter drainage in front of a building.

While she was driving by her eyes caught the man, and she tried confronting them but to no appeal. 

She went to the police station and got a few officers to follow the video below shows the police officers and, other civilians as they watch thethe seen unfold. 

       They ordered the man to take out all the oranges they kept in the gutter as he brought it out people were in shock.

     This only proves that you should check where you buy your thing because the only thing killing us is ourselves.

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