4 women Paraded Naked In Pakistan for stealing


In  a video making rounds on the internet and going viral four women were shown being stripped, beaten and paraded as retribution for supposedly stealing from local shopin pakistan.

The women were charged with shoplifting in faisalabad, punjab and were reported to have been apprehended for by the locals.

In the video. these women entered the shop, where a man was working and appear to take items off the shelves without paying.

The owner of the shop left the premises and the women folowed after.

In the media clip, one of the women can be seen crying as she lay down on the floor.

The other woman was dragged by three men by her ankles and wrists and the thrown on the floor beside the first woman.

\A third woman, who was naked from the wasit down, and the fourth woman, who is also naked can be seen crying as they are beaten with sticks.

The women are recorded shouting and crying during the brutal attack and attempt to shield themselves with their arms.
After beating the women, they were reported "paraded" through the streets of pakistan for about an hour before the police were alerted and came to intervene in the situation.
Five people were apprehended at the scene and are said to have been the men who were brutalizing the women.
we'll update you on more information with time.

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