How to make $120 daily for free On telegram

 How to make 120$ in  days on telegram doing simple tasks on telegram. 

They are several ways to make money on telegram but ill be teaching you some ways to make money online be it through referrals or doing promotion of that bot on several channel.

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For those that don't know how what bots are they are simple automated machines non telegram that automated  machine capable of sending crypto payments and sent in withdrawal request to the owner of the bot. in order to approve your request.

These automated bits are free of charge and do not collect a single fee from you.

All you need to do are simple tasks daily, however some bots required at you have at least 4 referrals in order to withdraw whatever token or coin you have accumulated so far.

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The current paying bots who are about to launch which i will be covering in todays post, please sit it and have your phones or laptops with u for this.

1.  katainu bot....  The link is in below click on it to tasks.  Legit

Requires Trust Wallet to withdraw.

2.  Metaverse Airdrop Bot     Legit

Requires Trust wallet to withdraw. link below

3. Terk Airdrop Bot          Legit.

 Requires Trust walet to withdraw, link below

4.  Doge Coin Airdrop

Requires Coinbase App in other to withdraw.

link below.

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The above airdrops are what i have personally check and deemed qualify to be posted and shared with you.

This will be posted on my blog in 5 mins.

The above first 3 airdrops that i have listed can only be withdrawn on Trust Wallet and any other wallet and you will lose your token and coin

ONLY Dogecoin can be withdrawn immediately with Coinbase as they make thier payment instant.

Please share this airticle with loved ones so you can earn more money.

Also make sure to complete task so you get paid.

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