After targeting the Abuja people group, the shooters hijack 22 persons.

 Twenty-individuals have been grabbed by shooters who went after Rafin Daji, a limit local area between Niger State and the FCT.

FCT police representative, Oduniyi Omotayo who affirmed the assault, told Channels Television that it happened on Friday June 24 while ranchers were developing their homestead land.

He said;

“The farmers were on their farm land working when gunmen outnumbered and kidnapped them.” 

Omotayo didn't give a lot of insights about the assault and the people who were stole. He likewise uncovered that a joined group of safety faculty have been sent to the area and are looking over it forcefully for hints of the abductors as to carry them to book and save the abductees..

Observers who addressed Channels Television, said the shooters shot irregularly when they attacked the local area, luckily, no lives were lost.

As per the observers, the attackers whisked away 22 ranchers, torched two work vehicles having a place with the proprietor of an enormous homestead nearby. Thirteen individuals from a family were supposed to be among those kidnapped by the shooters.

Engineer Ibrahim Barde, a relative of some of the victims, claimed that the gunmen assaulted his immediate younger brothers and their families who were on their farms just as they were finishing up their work.

Barde said;

They were 13 of them on the farm including seven children between the ages of 15 and 17, three women; one just got married last year and an aged woman, my brothers and the tractor driver.

The Engineer who uncovered that shooters have reached his family yet will be yet to set expectations, gave the names of a portion of his relative captured to incorporate "Ismaila Barde, Mustapha Barde, Nasiru Barde, Abdulkarim Barde, Sanusi Barde, Usman Barde, Nura Barde, Abdullahi Barde, Babawo Barde, Farida Ayuba, Hauwa Ayuba and Husai Abdullahi."

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